XR650 Rolling Chassis on E-bay

I which I had so extra cash. I've been watching this all week and no one has made a bid :thumbsup:


wish it was closer to me :thumbsup:

definately a good deal if you go an extra grand laying around. One set of bent forks and it pays for itself, or dented rim, or bent swingarm or leaking rads..............

I wonder what they did with the motor. Can you really see the radiators. I noticed the clutch cable and lever were missing too.

Gotta use those with the motor....How much is it?

Crap! I cant find it on e-bay. Could you post a link ?

Maybe I'm just too excited about it. LOL

where is it on ebay? i'm freaking out. i can't find it!

It sold last night with 1 bid for $1000. And yes it had the radiators on it. You can see the white fins in one of the shots. I was stressing out over it. I just can't let a good deal go by.

i would have bid on it too.

man, what a let down.

Oh I know about the deal passing by. As I was looking up the link I was thinking about if ya wanted to go in on it, but then I saw it had closed. Bummer

Hey Mike, it's Ron... That bike was in Kentucky... Not such a great deal after shipping it!

Well the chassis sold for $1000 and up to $400 shipping. If you need spares for a SCORE race you get it all. From what I've seen on e-bay an XR650R motor sold for about $1400 so unless you can get a low milage XR650R for $2800 your doing good.

i'm still kicking myself over that one.

i wish there was some kind of automated search feature on ebay that goes out everyday and harvests new for sale items and emails you a description of them.

i just need to forget about it.

I think eBay can do that TC, do a search for what you want then click on "save search". Then you can check the box "Email me when new matches are found." DOH! :thumbsup:

Yeah even at 1400 that's a steal. I would've bid 1500 just to get her. Looks really clean. Nice spare parts. Honda can kiss my a$$. Parts are so damn expensive.

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