Baja Lighting

I have a set for my DRZ. I'm running 2 each 55watt PIAA. There a little heavy but are real strong. When I raced the 1000 my partner before me dropped the bike and bent the BD light frame. I had to fix it before my second section. I dropped the bike in a sand section and pulled a wire out of the HID and bent the frame. :thumbsup:

The Ricky Stator set up I have may not be BD HID set up but for the money they rock. With a HO stator you can run 2 each 85watt super white PIAA's The only down fall is adjustment on the fly. I just pull and pushed the light around when I needed to adjust the light. But like I said for the money you can't go wrong. :awww:



I did my first helmet cam race at night with those head lights. The video really shows what the a lights can do. I'm ready for a little camping and night rideing :thumbsup:

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