2001 VOR 503: sensible choice?


I can buy a 2001 VOR 503 enduro cheap. I think the main reason it's much cheaper than KTM, Honda and Yamaha is their reputation as time bombs.

How much of this is true for the 2001 model? What do I need to check to avoid a lemon? Do they have an oil pump to improve durability?


I have not heard of any of these bikes being "time bombs".

I have had a 2000 503MX for about two years w/o any real issues. It was a demo bike at a dealer that I assume was abused by all.

If the model you are looking at is different, someone here will let you know.

They do require strict maintaining like any race bike, but if you don't do proper maint, anything could be a time bomb.

I think the bike you are looking at may be so cheap because like most true exotics, the resale is poor. Most people are scared to work on them and think exotic means always breaking down and hard to find parts.

My VOR has been very reliable as most here will agree with thier's.

The parts thing was a concern in the past, but with Frontline taking over, I think the parts problems are/ will be solved. I have not need to many parts, but have been able to get them with no problem from Motoexotica. (A sponser of TT) They seem to have a lot of parts in stock.

Hope you get the answers you need, they are great bikes.

Too much bike for me, but I am getting used to it.

Time bomb :thumbsup: If it's that cheap and you don't want it, i'll buy it. I know a good supply of parts for these :awww:

My 2001 400EN has not gone off yet. Maybe the fuse is bad?

Mine's a dud too :thumbsup: . As far as resale goes, I think low resale price is just a matter of the bikes being marketed to the wrong demographic. A friend had a 2000 400MX in a local paper for months with no bites, he put it in a regional publication and sold it at a hefty price right away when someone who wanted one saw it.

The 2001 503 Model (no oil pump and no estart) hadn't any known project/components failure, but you should know or try to find out how the previous owner have used/maintained it (as for all 2nd hand 4t).

Ciao, Alessandro

Great to know there are no real weak spots.

I had a quick look yesterday, and a couple of things struck my eye:

- The paint was cracked in a number of places, among which the main frame bar near the steering head. Does this mean the metal has been 'working' or is this normal?

- The paint was bad all over the place: Does this mean the bike has seen quite a lot of abuse, or is it just the low quality paint used.


Unfortunately, some of the 2000s and 2001s came that way out of the crate. I'm not sure how they got out of the factory that way considering the attention to detail in every other area, but I have hit obstacles in the dez hard enough to break two wheels, I have blown out the shock and forks and have bent the footpeg flat but the frame has held up fine.

Browsing the offroad.com archives I see that the graphics of the bike are 2000... the bike may be an overstock. Does that make a difference?


Nope, I still buy it :thumbsup:

The rear cradle (the part of the frame your boots rub against when you ride) on the 2001s are nickel plated. The 2000s were painted. It is pretty common for the early models to have mix and match graphics as some guys just grab whatever is on the dealers shelf when they need to replace them.

The rear cradle (the part of the frame your boots rub against when you ride) on the 2001s are nickel plated. The 2000s were painted.

That confirms it as a 2000; that part of the frame is pretty ugly (paint off, paint cracked, discolored).

Did the 2000's have teething problems I should know about? Browsing this forum I read something about X-cams or X-rockers...


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