Save NJ Trails - Sign the petition

Here we go again. The Sierra club has Assemblymen Eric Munoz in their pocket and he is sponsoring a bill (A2238) that would eliminate riding on all New Jersey State land. Here is a link so that everyone can sign a petition against the bill. It is for residents and non-residents, so everyone please go to the link and add your name to the petition.


Greg T

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Please, guys. This area to be shut down includes some of my favorite dual-sporting terrain - the NJ State Forests. It just takes a minute to sign the petition.


I just did it. The guy who started this is from Essex county. Essex county is a concrete jungle where 30% of the population can't speak english. He must have done it to get money from the Sierra Club.

1013 and counting.

Hey we need an organized way to let people know about petitions. How about a web site dedicated to alerting off roaders to petitions. A site were we can just check in once a day and see what petitions need to be signed to save our sport! It can even have an email list for people to receive automatic notification of new petitions. Something like this must already exist somewhere... Organization is the only way we're going to be our adversaries!

They have shut down alot of great areas up here in B.C Canada too. Anyway I signed it. Best of luck.

What's this &%$#@! in Essex Co. worrying about state parks for anyway?? What he SHOULD be shooting for in Essex Co. is a state PRISON!

Maybe that'll straighten out that rotting swill hole!!

Beezer...the other 70% just can't speak! :):D


Count me in too! oldasdirt :):D

sign me up love riding and racing in southern nj

Just signed the petition. GOod luck NJ riders!!

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