front headlight

I having trouble getting the low beam to work all the wires are hooked up properly cause i checked about five times. Also none of the wirres are coroded or anything like that. The high beam works but for some reason low beam will not. I am not an electritian so i have no idea what might be wrong. :awww:

If anyone has any ideas whats wrong please respond. :thumbsup:

I would say take the high beam wire and plug it into the low beam and see if the light works. This will rule out a bad light. If you have a high/low switch on the bars it might be bad do to dirt, water or just old. You should have power going to your high low switch. From there it goes to the lights depending on where the switch position is High/low. If the low beam doesn't work it has to be the wire or the switch. The bulb has a common ground so just check the bulb with the wire that works and go from there.

I talked to someone i know and the said its probally the bulb. I will do what you said and put the high beam wire in the low beam and see if its the bulb before i go and buy a new bulb. It worked way back when i had the headlight in from about a year ago this is the first time the headlight has been hooked up for about a year so its probally the bulb. :thumbsup:

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