YZ 426 Front Sprocket Change

Is it a big deal to loosen the counter shaft nut on your own in order to change the front sprocket? I like to make the gears a little taller when I ride Baja and the desert but then put the stock sprocket back on for the track. My mechanic said you have to have a powerful pneumatic socket wrench to do it properly and to not use an impact wrench. I'd like to save the $35 each time I switch out the sprocket though so it'd be nice to do this on my own with a breaker bar and torque wrench. Possible?

Thx :thumbsup:

A pneumatic socket wrench IS an impact wrench. The other type is a pneumatic ratchet that is purposely not a high torque device. Tell your mechanic that he is on crack. :thumbsup:

It is easy to do though. You can loosen the bolt with the a torque wrench. Just follow the instructions in the owners manual for the torque specs when tightening :awww:

The sprocket nut doesn't really go that tight by spec, it's just tough to hold it still. But not that hard; get your buddy or your wife, etc.. to stand on the rear brake pedal while you loosen/tighten the nut. The little washer that you have to flatten out will give you more trouble than the nut. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info guys. By pneumatic, my mechanic meant that I shouldn't try using the impact wrench that you hit with a hammer. Only use the high pressure air driven tools for this job.

What's going to happen with the washer I have to flatten out? Any tricks to use on this step?

Thanks again!

You can loosen the bolt with the a torque wrench.

Please don't use torque wrenches as breaker bars for undoing nuts... it really doesn't help their long-term accuracy and reliability :thumbsup:


I put the trans in 1st gear and use a 1/2 inch impact wrench. as long as you hold the socket with your hand and twiast it in the counterclockwise direction while you loosen and vice versa while you tighten, the impact wrench will not gain enough momentum to cause any damage to the transmission, but it will get your job done easily. :thumbsup:

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