Moving the breather hose to the airbox on a WR426F

I am working on a friends 2002 WR426F. I am trying to re-route the breather hose to the air box like I did on my 2004 WR450F. There does not appear to be enough room to do it under the gas tank or at the air box. :thumbsup: Does anyone have pictures of this mod to this bike? I have checked the TT site map and could only find pictures of 2003 & Up.

the way i did this mod on my 02 426 is to turn the hose 180 and fold it up along the frame. Secure it whith zip ties. it will seem to kink but it doesn't it still breaths well.

I did the same thing with my 02 WR426 and have been very happy. There was not enough left over to get it up into the airbox on the inside though, so I bought some 1/2" clear vinyl tube for inside the airbox.


Why don't you put a tee fitting in the hose just below the valve cover and route the "tee'd" end to the airbox? Just my .02---WR Dave. :thumbsup:

The breather is supposed to go into the airbox boot.

Or thats how yamaha designed it !

If Yamaha designed it that way, wouldn't it come that way and thus negate any need for moving it?? The breather hose that we are talking about here runs down the front of the frame on the left side of the bike. Black hose that while running puffs air. If left this way, it could cause water to be sucked up into the engine if stalled in deep water. Just a clarification of what we are talking about. Hope this helps,


I wander why yamaha did not route it to the airbox originaly, maybe it is performance thing :thumbsup:

Maybe Yamaha didn't want the creamy liquid, that everyone talks about dripping from the hose, to plug up a perfectly good air filter. Remember air filters are oiled with filter oil, not motor oil. Put a tee in it to prevent sucking up water then ride the hell out of your ride. WR Dave. :thumbsup:

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