CRF-450 check this out!!!!!!!


Got a problem for all you carborator experts. The bike "The overpowered PW-80 2002".

The problem; I had to rejet for a trip my son and I took. In the process of changing clip position and main jet, I got the damn slide stuck in the throttle body. Well after screwdriver and pulling on the throttle cable I finally got it out" With some scars". I sanded all the bumps down with 600 grit paper reassembled and low and behold the overflow DRAIN TUBE CONSTANLY FLOWS FUEL.

What gives? What could I have overlooked?

I Know this isn't a 4 stroke but he rides with me alot and I would like to fix this problem.

Sounds like the needle valve is stuck open or the floats are stuck. Did you remove the bowl? Not familiar with a PW80 but check that out if you havent already.


You could have gotten dirt in the float bowl, and it could be stuck in the float valve holding it open. Take your float bowl apart and clean everything real good. Also, check the float level. If cleaning it doesn't work, you probably need a new valve. The bike is pretty new so I don't expect it to be worn out.

Put a 671 jimmy blower on it and make it eat the fuel!

Ego is on hiatus, so I thought Id try to pick up the slack.


Can I get a jimmy blower for my 426?

Thanks for the info guys. I will tear it apart again I think you are right about the float being stuck it has a very cheap ass retainer pin that may have gotten bound up on reassemly.

Maybe we should get some spelling experts here instead, lol. Just kidding couldn't resist.

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