Anyone in SoCal?

Anyone know if there is a place that will rent dirtbike around the L.A. area? Any help would be appreicated. Thanks, D :lol::thumbsup::awww:

There is a place where called that rents them...I believe. I'm not sure what the selection is though and they are right next to LAX. :thumbsup:

They rent both bikes and quads by the store at Jawbone. If you go there you will not need a trailer or truck cuz you will all ready be out in the Dez.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that place. Jawbone is a great place to ride too!!

Another vote for the Jawbone store rental place. No trailer or even truck required. Rent a bike and ride in a great place out in the So Cal dez. Then when you return it you can just walk over to the store and have a cold one on the patio.

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