Anybody race District 34 in New York?

Anybody race District 34 in New York? I am just getting back to racing, anyone have a good suspension setup for Walden?

I ride 34 and like Walden. My bike has stock suspension. I have just played around with the clickers and made sure the sag was right. I spent the 550 dollars the shim shufflers wanted to fix my suspension on a gym membership. I rode bikes that were done and didn't see that much difference.

I had a 98 YZ400F,and the suspension was so soft for me, Factory Connection did both ends and was worlds better. Of course it was because of a 5.6 shock spring. But I just picked up a mint 01 YZ426, and I hear that the suspension is worlds better than previous models. I weigh 215 with gear, and a top 5 Vet Am rider.Thanks for your help


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