Does a trade to a YZF 450 from a WR 450 make sense?

Hey guys, help me out here.I'm considering trading my 03 WR 450 for a YZ 450. I ride alot at private tracks and trails, but no real racing outside of fun with friends. The WR when riding with CRF Buddies on a track seems inadequate. And in the woods seems a bit heavy and awkward, but works pretty well. In the wide open areas, can't be beat. I sort have modified the WR like a YZ, but not really. I enjoy the power band but seems like for my application, a race bike might fit my bill. Should I buy a YZ,CRF, or just adapt and be satisfied with the WR? Does the YZ sound like it would work for me. Thanks, Dirtstiff :thumbsup:

To me It sounds like you would love the YZF, it would be lighter and faster. :thumbsup: I have an 03 and a 04 and I love them. But In your situation I might wait until 05 or 06. By then I have heard rumours that they will be aluminum framed and much lighter. Ive got the GYT-r pipe for my 03 and that thing is a beast. If you can make a straight swap and get an 03 or 04 I would say do it. But if you are going to have to pay very much money then wait and get a better 450 in one or two years.


hope I helped a little.

If I were you I'd just rip all the road gear off your WR and do the cam swap and all the free mods (if u havent already). Then the only WR spec parts left are the gearbox and the rear wheel. Carby is slightly different, but I doubt there is any significant difference in performance.


You know Crazy, I really like your' answer, pardon me and thanks for sound advice as well Hamish. Crazy, you really just hit it on the head for me... I want the YZF. For some strange reason I seem to becoming more aggressive and requiring more aggressive bikes. I thought I went through this bigger faster thing twenty years ago. Do you ride your' 450 outside of tracks? And does it really make sense there? I know there has been a million posts comparing and recommending one bike over another, but I really wanted to hear it from a source. I ride with several CRF owners and have ridden their's numerous times. The CRF is a great bike, but my true color seems to be blue ( used to be yellow when I raced 15+ years ago..)The power band on the CRF seems spread pretty well across from bottom to top. The YZ is rumored to have a violent - on all of a sudden power band.. Is this true? I had YZ490 that I raced years ago and that was the kinda power it had. On the pipe and grab your' arse. I hate to over due this topic and should just go ride one and decide, but I think the advice here could save me from the more bigger - better thing. By the way, the Dealer will go my 450 plus $ 750.00 for a new 04 YZ. That in itself nearly pulls the trigger for me .. Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

I wish I had the wr 450 im tring to get my yz to do woods riding it's very good for that stuff :thumbsup: I would trade you

Hey dirtstiff, you seen to have a good deal here for only 750 thats not too bad. But do consider that isnt the wr450 more expensive than the yz brand new so you might actually be paying more than just a 750 difference. But to have the bike you want it is all up to what you want to pay. I will agree with you on the CRF vs. YZF power band, I have ridden a buddies CRF and did not care for the lazier powerband, and yes the YZF has quite a hit when you twist that throttle, but ooooooohhhhhh I love the way the power comes on like a rocket and just keeps on pulling. However for 04 the YZ engine has a revised ignition curve or heavier flywheel to tame out the hit. That is why I like the 03 a little more sometimes, because it accerlerates really FAST. :lol: So to answer your question, yes the power band can be violent but only when you dont know how to use it. The 04 has a suspension edge over the 03. :lol: the forks are totally new and much better and are harder to bottom out. The 04 450 still has an awesome hit though and I think you would love it. I do MX, woods and ride in my backyard(Creek with some homemade and natural jumps) This bike handles them all well. In the creek it handles the large rocks well with not much headshake. Sometimes you might fall behind a little on straightaways against guys with five gears(theWR's<DRZ's<XR's), but the YZ is lighter, faster acclelerating, and turns better. :thumbsup:

And if you wanted more speed just put a smaller tooth rear sprocket on it. It will pull a higher gear and just keep on going. :lol: I would also recommend the GYT-r Titanium pipe, it is cheaper than lots of other titanium pipes and I noticed a huge increase in power and acceleration. :awww: Well I hope I helped you out a little. Keep us posted on what you do. :lol:

Crazy, I'm going to reconsider Hamish' advice, atleast through the weekend. The special financing and $ 400.00 cash accessory thing through Yamaha lasts through Memorial Day. I would like to take advantage of the cash accessory thing.

I recently pulled the gearing down on my WR even further to 13/52. I wanted to see if that pulls some of the power to 3rd & 4th gear as 5th gear out here for me is rarely used unless just blazing down a logging road or the 3-4 times I make t to our desert country. I'm looking for gearing I can lope around with in the band, which I think would be a better setup for track riding?? I'm not sure.. Crazy, your' piont about my trade is well taken. I paid almost $6800.00 for my WR with some extra goodies and a 3 Year warranty - Service Package. I'm glad you reminded me, they should consider the value of the package or transfer it if I buy the YZF. What kinda things have you had to do above normal maintenance? Any unusual wear items,valve problems? I recognize that as a race bike, high performance parts need maintaned / replaced.. But anything out of the ordinary. How about stuff like the small oil capacity of the CRF and both the fact that they are seperate oils from the tranny, and are meant to use oil as well? Even my CRF Buds say that is a Pain in the ... Any YZ quirks like that. I have had to do nothing to my WR @ 700 miles other than oil changes, tires, the normal stuff. For my WR 450, the Woodruff Key / Starter thing hasn't been an issue.

I'm going to ride today and tomorrow, then a YZF on Memorial Day at the Dealer and we will see. The wife doesn't really care either?? Thanks all for sound advice, and sorry for revisiting probably the same old stuff others have posted. Dirtstiff :thumbsup:

my normal maintenence seems too be about the same as yours,tires, chains, oil, one thing I noticed is too swap out the stock chain before you even ride it once, the sock chain streches in one ride considerably, so put a good one one quick and you will be able to run the stock sprockets longer, :thumbsup: because a strached chain ruins sprockets really fast. :lol: Also I think the frame geometry is different on the WR so you should notice a difference in turning and ergonomics. One thing that should be fixed before you ride is to take off the chain slider that is on the swingarm and put epoxy on it, just remove the allen bolt and lay a thick coat then put it back together. Because the chain causes this to vibrate back and forth and will wear a hole in the top of the swingarm in no time. I bought some stuff called GOOP and it glued it down real well, it hasnt moved in about 50 hours of riding. That same slider might be the same on your WR so if you have not done this mod, You might want to check it out before it gets really expensive. A friend of mine never checked this and after a year and a half he actually found that the slider put a hole right through the swingarm. Other than that put in a zipty fuel screw so you can adjust low throttle fuel imput really easy. Have fun this weekend :lol: Im putting on new tires today and am going to rip it up tommorrow. :lol::awww::lol:

I wish I had the wr 450 im tring to get my yz to do woods riding it's very go for that stuff :thumbsup: I would trade you

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