Need '02 YZ or WR subframe. Can anyone help?

Hi guys, I'm still trying to find a YZ or WR 426 subframe for an '02 model. I have a WR 426 but would like to find an aluminium YZ subframe for it, if I can't get one, a WR steel one will do, but must suit an '02 model. (I'm told earlier ones are different.) Maybe someone has fitted a BBR subframe and will do a deal with their original one. I don't want to fork out for a new one if I can help it, and my old one (2 weeks old, damn ) is beyond repair. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks, Chris.

try they have aluminium subframes for like $150.00

in moto-man do a search in bike section on YZ426F.

Hi, I just checked MotoMan's site, the only subframes I could find were for '00 YZ's, and i've been told the earlier one's won't fit my '02. Thanks for your help tho', Chris. Don't know about their product but they have one for around $180.

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