Calling Ddialogue

Hey dave where you at? I hope everthings OK, I miss you're entertaining posts and havn't seen them for awhile.

I have seen Dave on here a few times in the last week but I think he is out riding the Dunes of St Anthony. :lol: I have been asking him to post some of his new video's on his web site but he ran out of disk space. Now that he has his real bright new helmet light I bet he is riding at night and not spending as much time on the forum. :awww: We miss you Dave! :thumbsup:

Talking with him on ICQ right now!

The "other ddialogue"! :thumbsup:

Gosh, it's nice to be missed. :lol::thumbsup:

Got back from St. Anthony two weeks ago and it was GREAT! If you're interested, here's the 'plain jane' link to the photos and one video. Try not to get too bored. :lol: I wish I had some video of the helmet lights...THEY ROCK!! The LeadDog is cool, but those TrailTech HIDS are KILLER!

St. Anthony Photos/Video!!

YES, I'm scheduled to meet up with you guys in Moab first part of October so pencil it on your calendars! :awww:

Nice shots. :thumbsup:You must get great tire mileage spending that much time in the air. :thumbsup: So you would recommend the TrailTech HID's?

Those TrailTechs are the cat's meow! OldBones was talking about them in a thread in Sept. of last year and I decided to take the monetary plunge and spend $240 instead of $100. Money well spent!! :thumbsup:

I wish I had taken some video or photos of them while I was out there. I suppose I could always do it in the garage...but what fun would that be? :awww:

What the heck are you guys talking about?

You're killin' me here! :thumbsup::awww:

We're talking about the HID helmet lights from TrailTech. Check these babies out...S W E E T!!

HID Lights

Hi Dave,

Really nice pics and very very cool vid too! :awww:

Here we don't have sand dunes so this little movie is really making me dream of the day I will travel a little bit west to ride such dunes.

The sand looks so deep.... I've never faced a situation where I am obliged to downshift going up a hill... and it seems that even your good running 450 has not enough power to get over those sandy hills :lol: Also, I was able to see how deep your front end gets when you stop the bike at the end of the movie :thumbsup: That is incredible. :lol:

What kind of tire do you use up front?

Thanks for sharing :lol:

Math --- Thanks! It was MY pleasure! :lol:

Yeah, the sand gets deep and soft on the top because that's where it shifts a lot from the constant breeze there. It had rained for four days before we showed up and honestly, I should have left the knobby on the rear instead of installing the paddle. When the sand is moist, paddles hook up too well and that can really bog down the motor. I pity the small bore bikes out there. :lol: But, the roost is SOOOO COOOOOL with a paddle on!! :thumbsup::awww:

My WR is street legal so I run DOT tires. The front is currently a King's DOT tire (9661, I think.) I was using a Kenda on the front and it flat out SUCKED (unlike the rear which has been my favorite DOT so far.) Just installed a D606 on the rear and will be putting some miles on it tomorrow and Monday.

I understand.

Now, I must be completely busted because everybody tells me that the Kenda (you are obviously talking about the trackmaster II) is a pain up front whereas the rear works good.

I have that tire on the front of my WR and I think it is not bad at all. Different conditions lead to different opinions I guess :thumbsup:. Anyway I don't want to start a 10 thousandth tire discussion :lol:

Let's see what other TT fellows have to say about your pics :lol:. Thanks again for sharing :awww:

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