Wb E-series 4 Sale

I am selling my E-series model #2000 and WB head pipe off my bike if anybody is interested make an offer.The silencer is about 18 months old and the head pipe is 1 month(sick of burning my pants.It is not the hp that is tapered at the end for no exhaust gasket.



i can make you pipe guard/heatshield for $25.you wont have to worry about burning pants anymore.mypipeguard1.JPG

Okay, I'll make you an offer, how about, oh, I don't know like $10?

I hate it when people try to sell stuff and don't put a price. I mean, it helps if there is a starting point from which to negotiate. :)

But we ALL hate a smarta$$, don't we?

Yz your reply is so helpful.If you don't like don't reply.Otherwise if you are interestedjust make an offer and the negotations can start.But for you how about $325 fo both.

The Blue One; It must be more of an issue than just burning your pants since Freestyle offers a sano fix for that problem. I have a WB "S" bend that I wouldn't part with unless you forced me to remarry my ex-wife first. I'd rather be dead than married to her.

i didnt mean to causing any trouble i was just trying to be helpful. Boit i talked to TheBluOne earlier and he seemed to be honest guy. i'll give $80 bones for headpipe.i might even be in san jose area tommorrow[riding at metcalf for a couple hours] but if not Kelly Moss is lacing new set of excels for my kx and he said i could pick them up early next week.are you anywhere near the mckee rd. exit off 101.

[ June 12, 2002: Message edited by: freestyle111 ]

I may go with freestyles fix.I hadn't seen it when i posted.I was thinking about getting a thunder alley pipe and thought i would put up the head pipe and muffler together.I still have the stock header.If anyone just want the e-series how about $150.

blueone,i have extra guard already made for tapered.its little longer than other one i posted it has better coverage.if you want it email me hyroler777@rcn.com im working in redwood city this weekend if you want to meet up with me.heres photo tapered%20guard.JPG

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