Please help..engine runs poorly with wr stator installed on my yz

Just installed a trick dual sport kit and a wr stator on my 2000yz426 and now it runs poorly, misses and cuts out. wont idle smoothly. bought the stator on ebay and it turns out it had the wiring mods done as per the electrex I need a wr cdi box? I reinstalled my stock stator and flywheel and it runs normal.any comments or help greatly appreciated.

Have you checked out the stator with a meter and verified it's good?

Yes we checked the stator with a dvom and all readings were within yamaha servce manual specs. when out of the bike and on the bench

Have you gotten anywhere with this? I want to get rid of the same problem I am having. I got my WR stator brand new from Electrex and am so frustrated to the point of not even wanting to ride it. I have been trying to tweak carb settings, but I don't really know which way to go.

no luck yet. waiting for other replies on this website

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

It might have something to do with the pickup coil. Check that the wires are not pinched. Check resistance as per manual in elec. section. :thumbsup:

Put a timing light on it and see if it checks out ok

How much you want for the PC800?

The Kelly Blue Book value for this bike right now is about $4450. I would take $4200 for it. This bike is in mint condition (yeah, I know, everybody says that) and has 39k miles on it. I am the original owner and have done all the maintenance on it myself. It lives in the garage. The rear tire has at least 5k miles left on it and the front tire is almost new. I recently replaced the front brake pads and it got a new battery about 2 years ago. I don't want to sell it but I need to offset some of the cost of the new FZ1. I can email you pictures if you are interested. Here's one picture I had of it that I could find here at work:


Hi i believe you will find the cdi for the wr and yz do differ, i recently tried to obtain a wr cdi from electrex and they only stocked the yz one, when i asked them if that would be ok for the wr {just to run it not for the lights} they told me it was set up for yz cdi not wr i reckon that,s your problem, i ended up getting mine rewound cheers slipper40

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