Tracks in CT

I will be going to Milford CT on the week of July 4th and was wondering if I should bring my bike with me. Does anyone know of any motorcross tracks in the area.Thanks.

Yeah bring your bike,

Milford Riders Club

Connectictut River Motocross in Rocky Hill.

run by National Pro Tony Lorusso

CT River MX

have fun

Tony (of tony d motocross schools) will soon be building an indoor supercross track in CT. It will be open 24 hours a day and according to what he told me it will have some kick ass restaurants for after riding.

Thanks Z I will definately be checking that place out.It looks very good. Moto do you know when that place is opening up? Thanks again.

Im not quite sure. They just have to start building. All the plans have been approved. It will be in Suffield and tony has been contacted by ESPN. They want him to build it bigger. 20,000 more seats bigger. Professional supercross in CT?

Thanks moto i will probably go to CT RIVER MX one day. Any suggestions for another place like CT river.

There is a place in North Haven, near "The Game" play center , go carts games and stuff. its off 91 . I think Johnny Slater of "Slater Skins" runs it. you may wanna call him, his place is in Milford, Slater racing. Have fun.

I live in CT i ride in some sand pits and the manchester pits, e-mail me if you want to ride.

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