Front End Rattle

98 YZ400, Sounds like some sort of rattling in the front end (at least it sounds like the front end). Nothing too major but sounds like perhaps loose brake, or spokes, but can't find anything once I park it and start looking. Is it possible the clutch is making some kind of rattling noise? I know it's a vague message, but if you have any ideas, that would be great. MAybe this will help, the noise sort of goes clink, clink, rattle, clink, rattle, rattle, ping, rattle...



yeah dude, my old 97 yz250 had the same rattling noise, very faint. it was the clutch. to find out if thats your problem as well, go very fast in a straight line, put the bike in neutral, and shut off the engine, then coast and if the noise stops, its def. inside your engine, and as long as everything is fine, u can be PRETTY sure its clutch plate rattle. this can be double checked by removing your clutch plates and measuring them, and if needed, replace them.

Thanks Gorilla, be careful how much info you tell me about, my next post on here will be asking for help tearing into my clutch... :)

Umm. I had a rattling in the front that was bugging me. It turned out to be the clutch lever just banging around a little.


I would look at the clutch too. If that isn't it, I had a rattle in the front end everytime the forks unloaded. The rod inside the fork that the cap screws to was loose. Just a thought.


Put your bike on a stand with the front wheel raised off the ground and tap on the front edge of the tire with a rubber mallet and listen for that rattle before your start tearing into things. That lever might have excessive play at the perch(as mentioned above) or the brake cable might be slapping against the number plate, or the number plate itself may be vibrating against the top triple clamp, or etc.... You get the picture. Look for the simple things first.

I have recently felt and heard something clicking

at the front end. I can see the floating disc moving back and forth alittle bit,but it almost feels like something came apart in my forks, like the dampening rod thats bolted from the bottom? I am thinking of having them revalved anyway,so when they take them apart,i will find out if something came apart. Right now i just think that it's the disc. :)

Had a rattling sound from my front end recently, turned out to be the brake pads rattling in the caliper- nothing too serious,try new pads and retainer spring/plate.

Cool, thanks a lot. I'll give the simple ones a shot first then get after the clutch or other parts after that.

Thanks again.

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