YZ-450 stock gearing

Is 14/48 the stock gearing on these bikes? I've got an 04 and I don't have my manual with me. I want to order an IronMan sprocket today in the stock ratio.

Also, is the stock rear sprocket steel or aluminum?

I could find out all these answers easily when I get home but I want to get the sprocket on order, to arrive tomorrow.

Thanks guys.

14/48 Stock It is a Sunstar - Alum

You may want to try a 47 rear if you ride longer tracks.

I use both.


Does anyone use the Tag Metals sprockets? I thought that maybe going with the IronMan would be best but if stock is aluminum then I don't really want to add any additional weight to the rotating mass. I'm already adding an o-ring chain b/c I do a mix of trail and track.

As indicated stock is 14/48. The European bikes come with 14/47. I run the 47 rear for all MX tracks (except the tightest tracks). I found it's the cheapest and easiest way to mellow the motor a little. It's slightly noticeable, but nice. You can carry 2nd longer, which is good for starts (not having to grab 3rd).

Good luck,

Vet28 :thumbsup:

I recently bumped up to a Renthal 50 tooth sprocket, because I run tighter supercross style track and I love it a lot more than the stock 48 for this type of riding, but Ill keep the stock sprocket if I start running longer mx style tracks.The Renthal sprocket is great and it comes with 2 high quality Renthal swingarm stickers, if you are into that type of stuff.

Because I ride trails and motocross I went with a 50 rear and I'm very happy with it.

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