Auxiliary Fuel Ideas?

I have used A-loops left side number plate 1 gal tank for HS on the YZ400 I used to have. If you are going up a steep hill and your main tank is empty, it can cut out because the number plate tank will be lower than the carb. The tank empties last, and on the MX course I could feel the weight out back a little. Also the subframe is not designed for that kind of weight, mine eventually failed at the seat mounting bolt, the tank came off and I DNFed that HS. I would skip that option if I were you.

My friend uses the front number plate tank on his 250F, I think it is made by Acerbis. A 1.3 and a 0.8 gal are available. Some people say that they can feel the weight up front (I did not notice), but at least the tank empties first and there are no uphill gas starvation problems. He has probably done 10 HS on it with no problems, other than initial setup (getting the hoses to not leak). It is MUCH cheaper than the A loop tank. If you want a headlight though, there is a problem...

The Enduro jugs that replace your crossbar pad work well, unless you have protapers. I have not seen a kit for the hose feed, which I assume would be like the front number plate tank. For HS, you might as well pit as carry these around and then stop to fill up. Could be okay for trailriding though.

I have skipped the bizarre and gone mainstream with the Ty Davis 3.2 gal tank. It works well and I am happy with it.

I think we finally found a good use for a camalbak.

I also highly recommend against the Aloop side tank. I hate mine with a passion! Here's a partial list of my problems:

* Poor workmanship - pinholes in plastic; non-flat sealing surface at gas cap; pinched gas cap gasket; brass insert for upper clamp spins in the plastic tank = big leaker. It's also now stuck on my subframe as a result. I'll have to cut the metal bracket off, and end up with no way to re-mount the stupid thing.

* Poor fit - big gaps at airbox & seat; the mount on the airbox breaks off the airbox tab; had to trim about 1" off the bottom of the rear fender; rubs on tire.

* Poor design - If you fill the main tank with Aloop cap open, gas pours out of Aloop since it's lower. The breather tube spews fuel all over the steering head bearings when the Aloop warms up and it's full. So you can't fill it all the way, and you have to use the fuel from it first... and then you run out of gas on hillclimbs right when you need it most!

* Lousy Support. Baja Designs (reseller) has repeatedly refused to issue a refund. They will only repair defects on the tank. Fixing defects does not correct the faulty design.

Sorry for all that! My buds run the IMS tank, with zero problems :)

There, I feel much better now that I've vented :D

wr tank and seat

Steve, yeah I forgot about all that stuff. A couple things, the poor fit was done on purpose so that the tank did not restrict air to the carb. As far as the airbox mount breaking, mine did too. I took a long bolt and made a hole in the airbox. I passed the bolt through and eyeballed how many rubber grommets would space it correctly. Then I put a big washer and a nylock nut inside the airbox to hold it on. Problem solved, until the subframe failed at the seat mount bolt. I would get a welder to reinforce that tab if I were you. When it broke the tank spewed gas all over my leg.

Some have turned the coolant overflow tank into a fuel tank. Only problem is you blow excess coolant onto the ground and it won't find its way back to the radiator when needed. Works for some guys.

Dan, thats not a bad Idea at all, you could go wiht the bar tank thing or find a samll space somewhere to catch coolant if you really wanted an overflow. The WR has a 3 plus gallon tank on it, thats bigger than any dirt bike I have ever had! I am sure the rest of the guys will be mooching fuel form me! The sneek it in your buddies pack sounds tricky too since I find my riding pals are always trying to sneek cold ones into my camelback!!! carry your own you 4 wheelin bums! you ride a coutch all day anyway! :)

i use my coolant overflow container as extra fuel tank.ive converted it last summer and it works great.i just bought a aftermarket petcock w\extra inlet to attach fuel line from my coolant bottle's lower outlet and i used upper outlet for my vent line.ive never had problem with overheating

Does anyone know of a good way to carry extra fuel?

Clean out your empty quarts of oil, fill a couple and sneak them into your friends backpack.

I used to put gas in a 16 oz metal can (like the ones the octane boosters come in) and put in a Moose Dual Sport Fender pack on the front fender. Never had a problem with spillage or the bag coming off--probably 1,000 trail miles with this setup on my last bike. I don't need the capacity now, so I have not been running this on the WR.

There are left side rear panel tanks available, and tanks that replace your number plate if you're looking for more capacity.

Why not just get a 4 gal tank? (or is that even not enough?).

Maier makes a product called an "enduro jug". Check out , then "Jugs and Packs" under Products. They have 1 and 2 quart models that can be strapped over your crossbar. It also looks like they have a hose kit that will tie in directly to the tank. I have used one for years and it seems to be indestructible.

Ron, I've ridden your bike and from what I remember you stll have a 3 gallon tank?? I know you know about the IMS 4 gallon tank, it isnt pretty but sometimes when you have it to go far. My friends and I go on 1000 mile rides all around Nevada, and when I do those rides I use my 4.0 IMS and then I use a collapsable(S?) water blatter purchased from Sports Chalet, I will seal off the cap with a big bead of silicone and fill the thing up to 2 gallons and wrap the whole thing with a garbage bag and stick it in my backpack. The good thing about the blatter is that when you empty it you can fold it up really small. This combo give me a total of 6 gallons and it's alot of gas to carry but it's better that spending the night out in the desert. (I've done it). Just curious Ron, where are you going that you need so much fuel??




I believe Ron started this topic cause I was talking to him about the next Fri. the 13th ride and he said I wouldn't be able to make it on a YZ tank. I can't afford a new tank right now so I asked him if he had any ideas on carrying fuel. About 15 minutes later I saw this thread so I'm assuming he posted it to answer my question. Thanks Ron and everyone else for giving me temp. ideas until I can afford a bigger tank. Unexpected car purchases tend to make my budget tight!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Thanks for all the excellent ideas.

Dan, the question is aimed at solving a problem for MX riders that wish to attend the July 13th ride (are you gonna join us???). Unfortunately for them, they will be coming up about 15-20 miles short on the range issue. That is a long way to push a motorcycle.

I like the "Clean out your empty quarts of oil, fill a couple and sneak them into your friends backpack" idea. From now on I'm keeping an eye on my backpack. I usually end up with a few extra quarts of drinking water in there as it is.

Maybe I can talk someone, or their girlfriend/wife/mother in law, into driving a truck full of gas cans up to Big Bear and waiting for hours on a hot dusty fire road with all the snakes and bugs. Any volunteers?

Hey, are we going to be near any towns that I could swing over to and get gas at during the ride?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

I wish. Fawnskin is it, and you have to break the law big time to get there, and they have a CHP office there. Those guys watch for dirtbikers like you would not believe.

I've tried it twice, never again.

Why do they have to wait with the gas cans? Cant you just drop the gas cans with a pick up in a secret squirl spot? Then make the trail pit stop and come collect the cans with the truck after the ride. Or maybe talk some of the local kids into putting up a lemonade and gas stand and sell slim jims and smokes. Of corse as much as gas is selling for now, you may need to post armed guards on the cans. Good luck! Whre is this ride anyway?

I used to to carry a siphon hose inside my handel bars, then when someboby runs out of gas, find the bike with the most gas and transfer it to the empty bike. OH yea, you will need a screwdriver that fits your throttle.


See the "Another Friday the 13th Ride". Maybe you can join us?

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