Yz426 for sale

2000 Yz426 for sale... very low hours on this machine. About 40 total hours since new. Extras include: JP racing suspension valving, Renthal bars/chain/sprockets, One Industries graphics, and Dunlop 755 tires. Bike is powerful and fast! Runs perfect, no trouble starting, and has never fouled a plug. I am located in Temperance, Michigan and can crate and ship for less than $200.

As it sits, it needs a new rear hub and chain/sprockets. I already have all the spokes off and everything apart. New rear hub is $70 and a good chain/sprocket set is $80. Will sell for $3600 as it sits, or $3900 fixed.

Updated photo is at http://www.geocities.com/quadridermx/MY_TOYS.html :)

Just a suggestion, put the money in the bike to get it fixed and than sell it. It is much more marketable if in perfect running condition.

Yeah, I agree. Im sure that's what I'll end up doing, but just havent gotten around to ordering the parts. I figure I can give someone a good deal if they're willing to do a couple hours' work, but if I run into a good deal on a hub or wheel then I'll just do it myself.

Updated pictures are now on the site: http://www.geocities.com/quadridermx/MY_TOYS.html

And I'll probably post a couple here.

This is a great bike at a good price, hopefully someone can take advantage of it. :)

Here are a couple pics:




Tell me what you think is a fair price :)

what kind of silencer is that? :)

Tis a WR silencer. Bolts right on, no problems. Has a spark arrester and baffle (when mister DNR officer is around) :)

I do have the stock YZ silencer though. Bike comes with both.

[ June 12, 2002: Message edited by: acarter920 ]

disregard this... i'm just testing something


Just curious...what's the deal with the handguards pointing UP? Doesn't that render them basically useless? Not trying to be smart, just wondering.

No offense taken...

The right handguard is where I like it... I dont know why the left one is up like that. :)

I just took some quick pictures and didnt realize it was like that. I havent ridden at all lately so i just havent gotten around to putting it back. Thanks for pointing that out :D

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