Bike Tool Kit Essentials?

I need help putting together my fender bag tool kits, etc. What should I carry and where should I carry it? I like long distance trail riding. Got a flat last weekend and figured I at least need a tube and a tire iron. How do you inflate the tire once you've replaced the tube? Anyhow, any expert advice would be appreciated.

How do you inflate the tire once you've replaced the tube?

Just get some compressed air. I got a kit at the local shop that has everything you need, patches, air, and what not. I bring the kit (with compressed air for two tires) and two tire irons with me just in case.

Check out this site. They specialize in off-road tool kits. I do a lot of exploring and long rides and have one of their Stage III kits. Contains everything needed including tire tools, C02 inflation, tube patches, etc. plus a complete set of tools, a cool flashlight and survival lighter and a great fender bag :thumbsup:

Let's see. 03 WR450... :thumbsup::lol:

...a flywheel puller and spare woodruff keys! :awww::lol:

(seriously though, I pack one and two spare woodruff keys.)

Thanks everybody. Sorry for the repetition. That thread answers my questions.

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