my review of the power now

The power now valve what’s it supposed to do? This valve is supposed to increase intake velocity thus increasing power to ½ throttle opening. In short, the power now is claimed to increase low end power. I got the power now valve and a long allen wrench shipped together. The long allen wrench also has a “ball” end to make the angle usage easier. The fit and finish of the power now were good; it is a piece of billet aluminum and the machine work looks top notch. I put the valve on at the track. It was reported that you could put this on in 10 min. maybe “you’ can, but I didn’t. The angle on the inside allen screw is kind of hard to get at. I was able to get it off easier than putting it back on. It’s not rocket science, but it is a hard reach thingy. Frustration took over and I mashed the air boot all the way against the box and was finally able to get a better angle on the inside allen screw. Presto change o , it went on. The test mule for this ride was the infamous “death from above 426”. This is an 01 wr 426 with yz mods on it. It has yz plastic with odo and light removed, 52 tooth talon groovelite rear sprocket, yz jetting, bk mod, white brothers “s” bend R4 exhaust, yz tank and seat, with a full blown MX tech suspension. The initial ride was somewhat uneventful. I mostly was looking for a loss on the top end and found none, but I wasn’t “feeling” the big low end boost I was looking for. I went back to the pits and realized the reason I didn’t feel anything different was because I was riding my 426 the same way as always. I figured I’d really try to bog this thing next time out; also I wanted to see if I could increase the squirt duration on the bk mod without any bog. I was able to increase the squirt by about 1/8 of a turn (1/8 of a turn is significant with this mod) without bog. This was good. I went back out with the expressed task of bogging the bike by shifting way short. I came rolling out of a corner in 2d, up shifted way too soon, and whacked the throttle about ½ open. I expected the usual “waaaaaaaahhhh” as it built revs, what I got was most unexpected. I got the “waaahhh” but the front end came up, the rear end broke loose and I started “going” a lot harder, a lil’ sideways I might add. The bike had a whole new “punch’ in the low rpms. This was nice. Then I went off to a stair stepped hill of about 5 “steps” of about 3’ to 4’ in height , with the lead up on some of these at about 15’. I had been going up this hill in second, this time I went for 3d gear. I rolled the bike around in 2d, straightened it out and immediately up shifted to 3d. I had about 10’ to the first 3 footer, I wasn’t too confident, but I figured this being a step up, not much bad could happen. I was pleasantly surprised. The bike took hold, shooting me up and accelerating all the way up the hill, revving out. This too was nice. I made a couple more runs like that ,then for giggles I tried up shifting to 4 about ½ way up, again way sooner than I would ordinarily with very little space for the bike to rev before hitting the step face. Woo-ie! The bike took off, fast. I was taken back a bit and because of my shock I allowed the bike to pick up more speed than I am comfortable with. That was that for any more 4th gear shenanigans on the step ups. This mod, the power now valve has opened up a whole new range of usable power on my bike. To find the new power ya gotta lug it more than you would ordinarily. The word from Dave Simon is you can carry a lower gear out of corners, etc. I found you could. The SITREP. The power now is about 70$ . I like it. It does appear to build power down low. The bike starts quicker, first kick usually, and Dave said that 250fs’ don’t have to use the hot start with this installed. It has opened up a whole new “power band” on my bike. I will be taking a spare power now with me to my next big ride and have some other 426 and 250f riders give it a try. This is a 70$ well spent. I would recommend it. You can find out more info and how to order at

Knowing how dramatically performance is affected by small carb adjustments on this bike, I have to question if the extra sensation you felt was based on this device or the changes to the squirt duration.

It may be best to adjust for maximum performance before and after install, with consideration to temp, humidity and altitude.

And why do I still feel like someone is trying to sell us "Exercise-in-a-can"?


Originally posted by DaveJ:

Knowing how dramatically performance is affected by small carb adjustments on this bike, ...

... it doesn't surprise me at all that increasing velocity through the carb bell produces a noticeble effect on performance. :)

i'm with ya dave..but i wasn't able to go with the longer squirt duration before. me, i'm no travis or rc, it seemed to work for me. there was alot of speculation and the requisite "worked for me"..."won't work, i know it' posts, i just figured i'd get one, and post something a little more detailed. plus i figured with the money back thingy from power now if i didn't like it. well figured i'd take the chance and report, good or bad what i found.

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