Lighting Coil for sale

I have a 45 watt Electrex lighting coil that I want to sell. Electrex lists them for $200. I just installed it this spring. Itdosn't out out much juice bit it put out enough to get my yz400 street legal. It fits YZ400 & YZ426's.

You have to cut your stock windings off the stator plate and mount this one in its place and wire it up. Kinda scarry but pretty easy. I would like to sell it on the backer plate with the stock windings (loose) for like $150 plus I would like to trade for your stock stator. that way I would have a good unmolested stock stator. If I just sell ya the coil you are still gonna have to cut up your stator to install it. So ether way you end up in the same boat. I ended up going another route for my lighting so Id like to get rid of this one. Let me know.

i'll give you $1 for it.but only if you pay for shipping.

Thanks buddy....NOT :):D:D

what type of coil are you replacing the electrex with?

Electrex had another setup, unbeknownst to me when I bought the 45w coil. It is a reworked Wr stator and flywheel. Baja designs sells a similar setup but they say you need the cdi as well. Electrex reworks the stator to work with the YZ cdi. You can buy the WR stator and Flywheel from yamaha and rework it yourself using the Diagram on Elextrex site and save yourself a few $$. But It diddn't look like much fun so I let the pro's do the wire work.

Stator wiring diagram

I got the Wr setup last night. Installed it and it worked perfect. With the added benifet of a heaver flywheel. Bonus!

I maybe interested in that lighting coil.. Thanks.

ok i raise my bid to $3

going once!

Shuushh!!!!!!! :):D:D

going twice!

Dont make me come over there! :) ! :D ! :D

last call !!sold to man in the pink dress with the purple pumps for $3

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