new bike info!!

Its somethin but it aint all that!! Oh well looks like the 03 KXs are the coolest 03s unless KTM pulls one out of the hat.


It's a four speed! Wonder how that's gonna work.

Should be great. Ferry has been running a 3 speed in SX and MX!

Are there two different oils in the motor like the Honda?

Originally posted by javelinmxer:

Are there two different oils in the motor like the Honda?

not mentioned anywhere so I don't think so.


-Bike looks great

-10 lb loss is good

-auto-decomp is great

-more motor never hurts(longer stroke, more torque).


-15 lb loss would be better (no biggie)

-4 speed (yes, four will work for mx, five is better in my opinion for all around use and makes gearing choices more flexible...more WR sales now I bet, especially with the button)

-no seperate oils

-not wet-sump (not mentioned, and listing of 'aluminum oil lines' means oil is going somewhere)

All in all they should be great, and anyone planning a purchase should be happy. Not anything I'd run out and sell a bike I like for though, 426 or CRF. The WR's though look like major improvements...very nice. I might have to get a 250f though now that they have auto-decomp on it too, sweet, I love those bikes (and I'm a new bike junkie, got to buy something this year!).

NOTE: To all you red haters and blue haters, give it a rest, it gets old. No bike will smoke another, and as someone who has a new bike every year(often different colors) I can tell you if Billy-Bob Local smoked you at the track before he will still smoke you. Liking your bike and being proud of it is great, slamming everything else makes you look like a insecure dork.

9 hours, 10 minutes to go!

My guess,

* 450cc - duh

* piggy back resevior rear brake

* streamlined, lighter swingarm

* optional electric start on yz

* no oil in frame to save weight

* hot start on bar like Dr. D.

* new plastic similar to yz250

* revised hubs to reduce weight

* revised head to save weight

* lighter airbox

* 238 lbs dry

You guys are funny. What's the big mystery? 13 pounds lighter than last year, cc's bumped up to 450, automatic compression release... no radical changes.

I forgot... integrated rear brake resivor and dry sump oil system.

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