Help required, WR400/ YZ400 differences?

Hi guys :awww:,

I'm new to the site after registering yesterday and I am after some newbie help, please. I am looking at a WR400 tommorow. The one thing thats bugging me is that I dont know the main visual differences between the WR and YZ? I know the WR is the more road going version and geared differently and what I want but I have heard of people buying YZ's under the impression that they are WR's. Is there any obvious pointers to look for? :thumbsup:



A WR has a headlight, taillight, a light switch on the handlebars, and a coolant overflow container. The coolant container is on the left side behind the rear side panel. It also has a kickstand.

The WR is also heavier, has an 18" rear wheel, wide ratio gear box,different timing and a spark arrestor. You can change the timing to YZ if you want to by rotating the cam, it's one of the free mods. I think the WR also had a more choked up carb as well.

Cheers Guys,

I got it today and it looks the dogs :thumbsup: It now has pride of place next to my R1 :awww:

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