Anything to be gained by revalving the suspension?

the 04 suspension might be the best stock suspension ever made on a production bike. Anyone upgrade for improvement? Was it worth the bucks?

The stock suspension is set up for a 175lb rider. If thats your weight your are lucky. Even then the suspension can be improved by revalving and installing a check valve in place of the mid-valve.

The valve stack is made up of a stack of .25mm thin washers stacked one on top of the next in the form of a pyramid. As the stack moves thru the fork fluid the circumference of the washers bend. Depending on how thick and how many washers are stacked the pyramid will bend easily or with more difficulty. This is how the stack is tuned to the riders skill level and desired compression rate.

The mid-valve is locarted on the rebound piston. It is supposed to be used for rebound damping only. Problem is they also act during the compression stroke throwing the overall damping factor off. Installing a check valve allows the washer to close off the effect during compression and only take effect during rebound.

The action of both of these stack adjustments tunes the piston action of the forks to the rider. It makes one hell of a difference.

First thing ANYONE should do to a new scoot is tune the suspension to their riding style, height and weight. END OF STORY.


P.S. Do not attempt to do this on your own unless you have extensive experience, time and equipment. It is not a simple task and you will mess it up if you've never done it before.

I did mine with a friend who had extensive knowledge. Ordered the gold valve kit from Race Tech but there are many other suspension shops out there you can utilize.

I recommend it highly.

I only can agree with ya. If I switched this week from my old 1993 YZ125 to my brand new 450F I fell from Hell to Heaven comparing both Suspensions. If this Suspension is Set up for a 175 lbs Rider than it is not for me(almost 200lbs)but works realy fine for me. If I can adjust it than a little mor to my weight by using screws will be Perfect.

But If we can get out a Heck of a Difference by using that mentioned Mod from Texasdirtnap than a Bikers Dream come True :thumbsup::awww::lol:

Greez from Germany,


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