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Blue Windex

Looking to buy my first ATV

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Hi all, 

I'm looking at buying my first ATV. I'm looking for a utility type ATV, something I can strap a chainsaw to, get around the property and thr woods with, and maybe tow a small cart with. Doesn't need to be fast. 

I am 6'3" and 250 lbs and I don't want to wind up on a youth ATV. Without giving you a resume, I can say with some confidence that I'm pretty mechanically inclined however ATVs and dirtbikes are foreign to me. I've never worked on them or messed with them. I've restored cars, rebuilt car engines and I've replaced top ends on chainsaws, so I'm not afraid to do a little work. 

That said, I'm looking for something that runs and drives, even if it needs some work, and my budget is tight, no more than $1000. I know that's not much, but I have no problem going with something that is older and needs a little fixing. 

Some things I'm not sure on are model names. Again, I'm not a small person and I don't want to buy a youth ATV, but they all kind of look the same size when you are looking on Craigslist. Ones im seeing a lot of are Yamaha Moto 350, Honda Recon 250, Suzuki Quad Runner, Kawasaki Bayou 250, Yamaha Timberwolf, and Yamaha Beartracker. There have been some others too. 

I'd like something that I can get parts for without too much hassle. 

Any advice on what I should be looking for/staying away from, what I should pay, what I should expect to find in my price range? 

Thanks for any input! 


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