Getting the Holeshot-Powernow???

I race at a little redneck town (though it's a blast!) and due to a little luck I've managed to win my first two races and only races on a bike. I always have a couple of bikes pull away during the holeshot and was wondering if the powernow has been tried on the WR450F with success.

They stack the open trails and 250Ds together but I'd still like enough power to take all of them through the first turn. I've got about 50lbs+ on the riders ahead of me and the WR is nipping at their ankles but I'd like to take'm from the start and make them work for it from there. The bikes that have beaten me to the first turn are KTM250s and a CR250 but I don't know if they are stock.

Please let me know if you've had any luck.



Comes down to reactions, quick, smoothe shifting and making sure the back hooks up well. A few more horses may not help if you are spinning up. The 50lbs definatley wont be helping!! You thought about shedding a few!!?? You'll definately notice that! :thumbsup:

lol, you are definitely right as the weight needs to go! Any inexpensive and proven performance mods would definitely be nice.


I think if you're on their rear wheels in the first turn you're doing just fine on that WR! Let's face it...they've got 50lbs. less that you just in bike differences. Let 'em smoke you to the first corner; you can smoke them everywhere else! :thumbsup:

I have a next to stock WR426. It takes off just fine. I feel it's more the rider than anything else. In the last desert race I entered (live engine start), I got the "Holeshot" and was gone. In the one prior to that (dead engine start), I was fifth off the line into the first segment.

Just work at it and you'll get better.

You may want to reasearch the benefits of timing your bike to YZ specs. It may give the bike more of a hit. The YZ's I have raced against are a little quicker. But my WR is faster. But this isn't always a good thing depending on what kind of course your racing on. Also Good starts just take practice.

Oouthere, sounds familair :thumbsup:

Ever hear of a kid named xr200red_rider on DT :awww:

Ya know, according to AP we have pig thumpers.

lol, yep and my pig will wallow with the best of them!


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