Picture How to ?

How do you post a piture on the little sidebar with your info. and user name

? I might be retarded :thumbsup:

First you click on the My Home link at the top of the page. Second, at the bottom of the page click on the Edit link to the far right to Personal Information, email, password, etc.. Third, on the Edit profile for (username) scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the last field, enter the URL of the webserver where the photo is hosted.

Good luck! :thumbsup::awww:

what I dont have a url

what I dont have a url

You will have to have the photo hosted on a webserver someplace. Usually, you're ISP will provide at least 5mb to put a basic web page on. If you right-click on my photo, you'll see the address that it's hosted on. In this case, my ISP is CableOne and my web space is http://myweb.cableone.net/ddialogue/ttpic_anim.gif .

Bascially, you need to get a photo, put it on a webserver, and then point your TT preferences to the address where the photo is stored. GOOD LUCK!! :thumbsup:

Go to photobucket.com, set up a free account and load some of your pics , then copy and paste the URL for the pic into your personal info page. Give it a shot.--WR Dave. :thumbsup:

thanks alot

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