Nothing to do with thumpers TornadoFuelSaver

When I was getting the Flowmaster exhaust put on my truck the salesman at the shop was talking about these things like they were the "next sliced bread" idea.

He said he has one in his truck and noticed a difference right off the bat. I just look at it and think "as seen on tv junk".

Engineers go to great lenghts to prevent exactly what that Tornado deal does in the intake manifold. If you could do that just after the intake valve that would be great. Problem: Its difficult at best to manipulate the intake charge after the intake valve is closed.

Like Vznvegas said, its a midnight tv commercial piece. If you call for one, one of those really hot chicks answers the phone too, you can tell she's hot because she sounds hot right?

I have read somewhere, I think it was in Consumer Reports, that the thing does absolutely nothing. Let me find the story and I will provide a link to it...

Quoted directly from Consumer Reports: July 1999


"A car product that's hot air

Put a Tornado under your hood!' exhorts the manufacturer of a $70 device that claims to improve your vehicle's power and mileage. The Tornado , a stainless-steel disc with stationary blades, fits inside the air-filter housing or air-intake hose. 'Its air-flow dynamics create a swirling, fast-burn effect' and allows for more complete combustion, the ads say.

We tested the Tornado on a 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle and a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup. In our acceleration tests, the Ranger showed no improvement and the Beetle showed slightly worse performance with the Tornado. Fuel economy didn't improve in either vehicle."


It does nothing. A buddy from dad's work told him he sent it back after trying it out.

Think about it....WHY would it do anything beneficial?! Creating a vortex to allow more air in? Give me a break. They did a demo on TV how a vortex helps water flow through two coke bottles taped together, instead of just letting it glub through like it normally does. OF COURSE having a vortex will help in there!!! You are working in a closed circiut! You are allowing the air in the bottom bottle to flow between the water and replace the water in the top bottle!!

Your car's air/fuel delivery system first, is not a closed circuit. It is open at two ends...eliminating the air-lock they showed in the coke bottles. Second, it blocks up your air intake tract!! Would you stick something inside your airbox of your 426?? OF course not!! You want NOTHING in there to restrict the airflow!!

It seiously does nothing. If it did, the NASCAR/CART/WRC/and NHRA would be using it, as they are on FULL THROTTLE, and something that would make the car breathe easier and respond better would be the ticket to the checkered flag.

baught one of these for my 2002 silverado 2500hd. sorry, no change in performance, fuel milage, or anything. but my flowmaster exhaust sounds nice

Hey Vanilla, you "baught" one huh???

I guess Nortwestern University is relaxing their entrance requirements. LOL :)

me thinks i here something "snake oil" do yuo no what i meen when i say "snake oil" "snake oil" thats rite me said it "snake oil"

I just invented this new clutch pull wing; it reduces the turbulence on the return of the Clutch so that the clutch engages faster.

Test Results show a 100% increase in Hole Shot Performance and 110% increase in AreoTurbulante MiscomformualityMissmatch due to Low and High Pressure Ionization.

Here are some Reactions from Professionals Like Bubba Bumbstart "WOW DUDE" & Benny Bailoff "Ya haha cool Shirt man" and 0 time National Champ Oli OverDabars "F&*& Off"

You can getyours free of charge for a limited time only, shipping and handling is on 70 Bucks ya thats right 70 bucks. Hurry while supply lasts, Be the first on the track to get one be cool be smart, Hey take my word for it........


[ June 15, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Ego, come up with a Tornado for the KTM hydraulic clutches and I'll pay $70!!

I mean, something that will make the hydraulic fluid flow faster into the slave cylinder to allow faster clutch engagement/disengagement!!

I mean, such a small diameter, steel braided hose MUST be limitting my abilities to have a good quick clutch engagement. And now that you have the "clutch wing", I'll no longer have an advantage to you cable pullers!

Ego, that was a good one LOL!

hey vegas, sorry i dont spellcheck everything i type! Did i confuse you?

Vanilla, no confusion here, it is crystal clear to me that you are not only a racist, but you are too damn dumb to spell the word "bought" without a spell checker. LOL :)

To all the moderators:

Can we get a section in here that is for tech discussion only? When I originally joined there was virtually no infighting and the CRF450 wasn't around to flame. Since then, this site has steadily gone downhill. I have to sort through too much crap to find the cool tricks for my bike.

Get this post, a flame session about spelling? If I had a dollar for every misspelled word (or misused grammar) on this site, my entire family could retire.

Fellow TT'ers, do me a favor, if you really feel the need to flame, open a new topic with FLAME right in the title so I can skip over it. I tried to read the post about the 4 gear tranny on the 03 to find out the pros/cons from folks and to hear their opinions but I couldn't finish it because of all the crap that was mixed in with the topic.

hey bbleakley.........

ME TOO!!!!!!!!

I guess I will start the thread.......FLAME!!LOL :)

hey, i agree. I apologized for my comments, but some people just wont let it go, and there's nothing i can do about that. And by the way, vegas, do you think that just maybe i type a little fast and maybe hit the wrong key once in a while? of course not, that would never happen now would it?


By Vanilla: but some people just wont let it go, and there's nothing i can do about that. And by the way, vegas,

And that’s how it continues Vanilla, just ignore the dude, he can’t back anything up so he attacks, just like a mad dog backed in a corner. Just stop replying, everyone knows he s one of the worse instigators of vegas-slaying.

alright ego, i see your point. your right.

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