DaKar Style Fairing

Anyone in the group have info on the Dakar style front fairing for the XR 650.I've seen pics on european sites but no info on who makes it.



Try this site:


klick on Verkliendung

scroll down to the XR650R fairings, and klick on the one ya like. They have an english language version, but it doesnt have the XR650 parts!

I am almost certain there isnt anyone making these units in the USA.

I am in the process of getting one custom made for my Dakar bike. If you are really really interested let me know and we can make you one as well. :thumbsup:

Our design is frame mounted with room for an A5 road book holder, dual ICO/IMO computers, GPS, etc...

If you buy from the Germans let us know how it goes.

Hey Irondude, how much would that run? Thanks.

Price for a locally made Dakar style fairing would depend on what all was included. There is also the option of carbon fiber or less costly materials...just shooting from the hip i would say around 500-600 clams for the shell and mount. Lights are gonna be another 400 (one halogen one HID), roadbook holder is 450, computers are 350 each...check out touratech.com for more info on the components...pm me if ya wanna go further...

A super super cheap way to make a version of it would be to just buy a wide rear fender (black KX500 fender works good), cut it in half, cut out a hole for the stock light, and mount it over the existing plastic.


Thanks for the info.Keep me posted on your project. :thumbsup:


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