Radiators in a getoff


I´m looking for input, aka tales of glory or woe on what to expect when I lay my precious beast down for the first time.

I´ve had numerous air cooled thumpers but this is my first water cooled. If it falls in the parking lot will it nail the radiator? Do the Devols really work? Does it have to go down hard on the fly and hit wrong to really do damage(long face at the parts counter). What happens when you lose a radiator in East Tunafish, Nowhere. Can you limp it home, or will this immediately make your head welldone.

2000 650R FMF Titanium 4 full system, K&N, Cork popped

Just because I´m paranoid that doesn´t mean their not after me... :thumbsup:

My experience has been that they are fairly well protected and not real vulnerable. I have layed it over my share and been thrown off a couple of times with no damage to the radiators as of yet. I'm sure it can happen and I would be curious to hear from others as to what the experience has been when it happens miles from the truck :thumbsup:

I don't know how they (Honda) do it but I've come off my XR HARD and scratched the heck out of the shrouds but never broken one- they seem to be tucked in just enough so they don't catch.

Same here, I ride trails so I haven't crashed at 70+mph. I could certainly see the potential and its the first thing I check when I do. I am more worried about a stick or something getting jammed into it when it is sliding on the ground. I feel, that an ounce of prevention = pound of cure in this case and after a couple of particulary hard crashes I am considering some guards, just watching to see whats recommended. I was considering the Devols based on Irondude's recommendation. "radiator guards...cont."

There has been talk of it around here maybe you can find other helpful post.


I've had a couple of low sides and many sand laydowns without any radiator damage. Knowing that there will be many more opportunites to stress the radiators, I purchased the Devol Rad guards. They are well built and give me a high degree of confidence that the radiators will be able to take even more poundings.

Now I need to spend some money on a neckbrace. :thumbsup:

Yeah those guards do seem to help-and they dont seem to add any overheating issues.

I tested the left side Devol last year at the Vegas to Reno--with 8 gallons of fuel (56 lbs!) - i was only 6-7 miles out of a pit- half way across a 10 mile alkali flat - flat as a pool table and not a living thing in any direction for miles-- 5th gear pinned, then 5th gear 1/2, then up again--it was 5-6 inches of fine white talc like powder-but underneath there where multiple rut lines--well i decided to 'float' it out of one particularly nasty rut line over to another...front wheel made it over, rear wheel kept going straight! 5th gear highside!!! I was way over 70mph :awww: - the bike, all 325 pounds of it- cartwheeled and then landed on top of me--and we slid for what seemed like a long long time--it was a bad scene...i was injured with multiple broken bones, a significant puncture wound, etc...and pinned under the bike in a talc bed!

One Devol radiator was cracked at the mount-obviously obsorbing some real force, the radiator was slightly twisted--but otherwise fine.

There are other radiator braces-and they may be better for all i know--but i gotta say the Devols did just what they are supposed to do even on a significant side impact. :thumbsup:

I ride mostly moutain trails and lately some desert. I lent my bike to a friend to see if I could interest him in dirt biking. He went down hard on some rocks, not a lot of speed involved but it hit the bottom of the left radiator and dented it pretty good. It never leaked or affected the cooling sytem at all.

I myself on a mountain trail went over a cliff. I thought my life was over the minute I went over. I flipped in the air a couple of times and planted on the side of the cliff with no injuries. The bike did a complete flip in the air and some how planted right above me. The only way to get the bike off the side of the cliff was to make it go the rest of the way down trying to slow it's progress. Both radiator shrouds were bent and cracked loose from the bolts that attach them to the radiator. The radiators were fine and so was the bike except for its cosmetics. Honda makes one tough bike and I have never seen the need for Radiator guards which do tend to cause heating problems in the slow tight stuff. There is s set of radiator guards out there that is basically a tubular frame that protect the entire outer perimeter of the radiators with no air restriction at all. Thats what I would buy. I've seen them on a KTM 450EXC.

Another point to consider which I have read in several reviews of the XR650R is that even if the radiator gets destroyed the bike runs cooler than the old XR600. So you would most likely not have a problem getting back to the staging area. Do you know if this is true Irondude?

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