Need honest opinion from the Blue side

Hey guys I was wondering for those that have gone from the crf to the yzf 450 what ya thought about the change? I know being in this forumn your going to have nothing but good things to say about the yami 450. Can you guys give me an honest opinion? I have an 04 crf 450 now and have been riding red for a long time with a few yamahas thrown in there. I ride motocross only and race vet expert. We all know the honda is a great bike but since I maybe working for a yamaha dealership soon Im going to go blue. For those that have went from the crf to the yzf what was your likes and dislikes compared? Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

Not many go that way. I rode a 02 CRF and had to sell it because of financial probs. Little later on, I found a smoking deal on a 02 426. $2800 for bike never wrecked (I know both of the owners), two new tires, new chain and sprockets, new graphics, new Pro Taps.

Likes: Stable, airfilter never gets dirty

Dislikes: Felt heavier, harder to work on (different sized bolts for everything), owners manuel not up to Honda quality, has to have a $700 exhaust system on it to smooth out the "hit", clutch pull is tough, looks old very fast, color, and above all others, it's the wrong make. One other thing, the Honda appear to be holding their value much better.

It's not a bad bike and I'll ride it until until I can afford another but it's just not a Honda. Also, Yamaha owners tend to get their feathers ruffled a lot quicker when you talk about stuff you don't like with the bike. It's almost like they have talk themselves into liking their YZ's. Very odd thing. You'll see what I mean one day. Honda guys say, go buy something else. YZ guys have to defend their position and it's a tough one to defend.

In all fairness, the 426 is not the same as the YZ450. There were significant changes between those two models.

I think alot of it has to do with set up.

SirThump is is not apples to apples when you compare a CRF450 to a YZ426!! OR IS IT??

I rode an 03 CRF this weekend and although the suspension was set up all wrong (for me) I was really most disappointed in the power. The only thing I know for sure that the CRF had was an FMF pipe. I rode it and it was not as fast as my 426. Kirtwell rode it and he agreed. However a YZ450F feels faster or as fast to me as my what I am saying is suspension on either bike should be and can be set up to work for you but the YZ has the CRF beat all day long in the engine department.

The other disappointing thing about the CRF was the cheap plastic. Talk about looking old...the bike looked like a 1998 CR125! LOL Just my opinion.

thanx for the replys.. Well my honda (04' 450) is setup..mxtech suspension which is awsome stuff..enzo sub tanks.. tall seat and 13mm bar risers and an fmf canister with a tooth up in the rear sprocket.. I really like the bike alot and have zero issues with it. My problem is the honda shop near my house (30min) are a bunch od Aholes.. i almost drug one of the sales guys out of the door thursday and used his face as a broom.. Guy was a complete jerk. Anyways.. There is a yamaha shop here in folsom ca, and the guys seem pretty cool. Im not loyal to any brand I will ride and race anything..My big thing is support with service and parts. I keep reading about these stories of peoples 3rd gear going on there yzfs? That scares me a bit for the fact that i am pretty hard on a bike.Not sure if i use the clutch when i race. Are the yzf better ergo's for taller riders than the crf's? Motor wise i think the crf lacks grunt and I hear the yzf motor is really strong..That is a plus for sure. I will decide on a bike this week. Ya I have an 04 but after dealing with this honda shop here I wont go back. I know the 05's are coming out but I can probably get a brand new yzf for pretty cheap and then dump some cash into the suspension and set up the bike for my hieght. So what ya think? :thumbsup:

You'll want the CRF back.

I only compared 02 to 02. I still draw similar comparisons to the 04's but I've only riden each one a couple of times. I am 6'2" and really liked the 04 CRF better than the 04 YZF.

I wish I could find the thread on the power stuff. The hit that people talk about is form the power being "NOT LINEAR". The CRF delievers power consistently. The one issue I would say that Yamaha has up on the CRF is the valve issue. Yamis run 5 and the Hondas have 4. The arguement I hear is that Yamaha doesn't have to run theirs so tight so they don't wear out the seats so quick.

I know the 05's are coming out but I can probably get a brand new yzf for pretty cheap and then dump some cash into the suspension and set up the bike for my hieght. So what ya think? :thumbsup:

You've got the right idea. Set up the suspension on the YZF, get the bars and clamps you want, a good chain and the tires of your liking and you will love it! (You won't miss the CRF).

BTW the 3rd gear problems are 426 models. I have not had any problem so far (knock on wood) and I rarely use the clutch.

You'll want the CRF back.

I only compared 02 to 02.

BTW compare the 02 to 02 and here is what you get:

1. Fastest - 426 (no doubt there)

2. best handling - 426 (better overall suspension and high speed handling)

3. best turning - 426 (02 CRF doesn't want to turn!)

4 reliablilty - 426 (02 CRF had spuratic valve problems)

5. easy to work on - 426 (come on you must have LOVED cleaning the air filter on the CRF. Helped with that job once and laughed my butt off. Still not sure if it was ever sealed properly)

I have ridden them both and while I like the CRF (04) the 02 was the "rough draft".

Fathom....some of this is ribbin ya man but I tried to keep it real! LOL :thumbsup:

2 of my observations (04 honda; 03 yz) ...

1) the honda seems to give the sensation of feeling a little lighter, though on the scales I don't think there's much difference.

2) out of the crate, yz has rip your arms off power, or "hit" (which can be mellowed to one's preference); honda is mellower / "luggier"

Fathom....some of this is ribbin ya man but I tried to keep it real! LOL :thumbsup:

My panties won't get in too big a wad. :awww:

Air filter stuff ceratinly sucked and still does on the CRF. I can go three rides and not clean the filter on the YZ. It turns into a guilt thing and I just have to clean. Taking off the subframe and any other task like that seems much more time consuming with the YZ though (all the different sized bolts).

I had mine hooked up to turn well, and yeah it was fraught with prob but I really like my CRF better. Did I mention how stable the YZ was???

Satch, I may wind up in Dallas before to much longer, those pics form the track are sweet. I'll have to head that way. Wife's folks are over in Wichita Falls.


Nocona MX is not far from Wichita Falls...probably closer to there than it is to me. Nocona has the best dirt ever and is as easy or as hard as you wanna make it. PM if you ever see your gonna be this way!

norcal-the yzf doesnt turn or stay in rutted corners as well as the honda but it does everything else better-but if you ride it wrong it will tire you out faster than the crf-oh and the yzfs dont blow smoke like the crfs.

Etown u have any problems with ur 04'? gears.. clutch. anything?

norcal-nah man this thing is great-shreds tires/chains/sprockets though.the clutch works really well-but you dont need to use it to much,shifting hasnt been a problem either-i love this thing!!!!ive allways been pretty good on the gate-but still this bike is sooo easy to grab holeshots on-just run the sag at like 95mm put the forks up in the clamps and go tear up some crf's!!

Do you think any of these answers have been Honest? Sure the Yamaha doesnt turn! I guess that is why everybody runs after market clamps (not). They are both great bikes. What color do you look best in?

I have an '03 YZ450 and have ridden a few '02 CRF's.

The CRF feels lighter and is easier to ride. I am sure this is because it makes less power.

The YZ is like a Top-Fuel dragster compared to the electric CRF. This comparison may not be applicable to your '04 CRF.

The 4-speed on the YZ is great for motocross. It's like an automatic, not much shifting required.

The YZ seating also seems very flat, ... compared to most everything else I've ridden.

Here's my plug: My YZ has 16 hours on it and lot's of extras. Trade (+$?) for CRF?

I had an 03 YZ 450 which I absolutely loved! I had to sell it for financial reasons. In order to help justify having to sell the YZ and due to the low prices on the CRF 450 from Canada, I bought an 03 CRF when I was able to buy another bike. The Honda was good and reliable, but I really missed the turning abilities, suspension, and freakin' ripping motor of the YZ450. The only thing the Honda had over the Yamaha was the aesthetics of the aluminum frame, but this is only an aesthetic plus, and I have since figured out a solution. I was ready to go back to the YZ after a few months, but figured I would try the CRF250 to get a preview of the 05 CRF450 frame and handling; I had quite a bit of money invested in aftermarket Honda parts that I wanted to reuse, Ti axles etc. The CRF 250 is a great bike and had better suspension than the CRF 450. The handling of the CRF 250 was better than the CRF 450, but simply because of 18 lbs less weight. I recently bought an 04' YZ 450F and love it. The turning feels better and I love the motor and 4 speed tranny. 1st gear is close to second on the CRF 450, sometimes I do 1 st gear starts on the YZ 450?? the power spread on the YZ feels broader and when combined with the 4 speed requires way less shifting. So far, I have found the front suspension on the YZ to be as good as the CRF 250, but I haven't dialed in the rear yet.

That's a long way of saying you'll love the YZ and only miss the Honda for the prettiness of the red plastic and aluminum frame. But, it looks like we will be getting an Al frame on the YZ450F in 06'!!!

My .02,

Joe :thumbsup:

thanks guys.. Hey joe what did you pay for your 04 yzf? I went and chatted with the guys at yamaha today.. great guys up there so there going to get my business.. They didnt do any sales crap talked all about moto.. Just wondering what people are paying for them out the door now?

Dealers in SoCal have been running weekend sales and the like for around $5200 for '04s

My opinion on the original question is that you need one of each for at least a year in order to really decide. Still, I did choose the YZ...

I saw 04 YZ450s taged at $4999 at Simi Valley Yamaha

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