Need honest opinion from the Blue side

wow thats pretty cheap... Maybe I can finally afford a full blown race tech suspension mod lol.. Actually I am happy with mxtech on the crf but I remember years ago racing a borrowed kx that had Race tech and I just could not believe how good it was. But there real pricey. Guys again thanks alot for all the input i appreciate it.. I will get the bike and post some picts soon of me doing a nac nac over a crf hehe :awww::thumbsup:

I paid 5499 OTD in SoCal with CA tax and reg. I think the prices are going up a little due to their success outdoors.

BTW In response to the guy that suggested you have to ride both years, I have ridden an 04 CRF 450 also. I spent a whole day on one at Elsinore helping one of my buddies dial in his suspension.

Joe :thumbsup:

I think the prices are going up a little due to their success outdoors.

Joe :awww:

????????????????????????????? :thumbsup:

I have been getting prices of $4800 and $4900 OTD up here in Denver on vacation. I was like WOW!! on brand new 04 yz450 they must really be needed to unload them. Also I got an inside word the 06 fourstrokes are going to be alloy framed, a lot more trick parts, and many many more motor mods. In addition the rep said there was a 75% chance the YZ150F would be out this year. But still a few small kinks to be worked out. Don't the how true it is but it sounded real. It is all about preference. Niether bike is any better. These are the bikes I have ridden to base this upon. 98-04 big bore thumpers YZF 02-04 CRF450 I have ridden each year model of both brand. Some years are better than others. But theres no reason you can run with the front of the pack on either brand even if its the yz400 or the 02 CRf. :thumbsup::awww:

I am on vacation in Denver, CO ev. 1 mile, from Dallas, TX ev. roughly 400 ft. I have stock jetting in my 03 yz450f What should I do on jetting. The main is a 165 I was thinking of doing a 160 and tweaking on the air screw. maybe even play with the clip position. Motor is bone stock. What would you do???

That jetting would be about right to start. Take a smaller pilot if you have one. Take a range of mains so you will be able to check it out.

To me the crf inspires confidence in handling but seemed to suddenly dump me on the ground more often. Maybe a false sense of security.

The stuff about riding the Yamaha hard to feel comfortable is true.

I don't think there are huge differences between the bikes.


I have a 04 YZ and rode my bud`s 04, for me the big differences are:

1.) Honda is easier to ride, when it comes to the power...the YZ is ripping and brings a grin to your face, but tires you out a little have to pay a price for fun, don`t you?!

2.) In stock trim the rear suspension is quite similar on both bikes, the fork is much better on the YZ

3.) The CR cuts inside lines easier than the YZ, but once in a rut, the YZ rails it like no other thing I know....fantastic!!!!!, as a result, I can tell, that the CR is easier to ride, the YZ is more fun!!!! And the Yam is hard on beginners :thumbsup:!!!....both bikes are very good--make your decision what colour you like, how the dealer support is, what deal you can get!!!

Mate if you want to have the most fun possible on a dirt bike, GET A YAMAHA 450. that explosive power makes me smile ear to ear every ride. absolutely awsome bike. i dont care if the honda is "easier to ride" cos of it boring powerband, its not as fun and thats what ridin is all about. if you find the yammy harder to ride, then get out and ride more and ride harder. take the time to master the yammy and you'll be rewarded and WILL kill those red riders with roost everytime.


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