Do I have the right grey wire?

I'm trying to do the grey wire mod on a 2001 426, but not sure if I have the right wire. I saw the thumperfaq page with pics, but my bike looks a little different. I foung a two wre bundle with a grey wire, and a black wire with a white stripe. I did not see the "kill switch bundle" that the other web page was talking about, I have two other bundles, but both of those are at leadt 6 wires. I just want to make sure...

I pulled the dust ring out, and put a screwdriver into theslot in the bundle above the connection, but the wire wouldn't budge. I had to stop because I was tearing apart both the connecter and the wire. Am I doing this right?

exactly... I found a black wire and a grey wire but no kill switch for a 01 426. What will happen if I cut the wrong wire?

I looked more closely. There is a black wire and a black wire with a grey stripe coming off the kill switch. I cant find it off the box under the tank. There is a black wire with a white stripe and a grey wire together. I think this is the wire. ???

thanks for the help


Looking at the wiring diagram for my bike ( 99 WR400), there is a 2-wire connector which has the grey wire. I followed it in the electrical print. One wire coming from the kill switch is black w/ white tracer, and it ties to the gray wire, which all goes to ground. If you disconnect the gray wire from the plug, you retain the ground connection to the black wire, which allows the switch to kill the engine.

To get the pin out, try separating the plugs and looking inside the plug. Sometimes there is a tab to depress from that side, not the back side. Some use a tab from the back, so just look.

I used a small screwdriver to remove the wire from the harness, taped it up and went from there- I then put the tank on, and tested the bike by starting it up- that is how I made sure I had the right one- The only problem I had was when I plugged the harness in, I did not have it all the way on. I rode it a couple of times, and about a week later- My bike would not start when it was hot- Low and behold, the harness was not tight, and when it got hot, the harness would separate- So make sure the harness is pushed all the way in.

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