alright im looin into hotcams for my 99 yzf. i im only going to be gettin one of them. what would you guys suggest for a better gain in power.

Save yourself alot of money and do the 04 YZF 450 Stock exhaust cam mod for about $130 includes everything. Hot cams is closer to $250-300. Best mod you will ever do

I just did the 450 cam mod and all I can say is WOW what a difference! I dont know about the hot cams but the 450 cam is much cheaper. I got my cam for 100 bucks plus tax. I just talked to the local dealer parts manager and he helped me out. With the cost of living in South Florida and a baby on the way it looks like me and my 99 are going to be together a long time!!!!

oh yah, ill have to look into that. where does it add more power. is it pretty close to the hotcams. what the intake cam, would changing that make much of a difference.

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