2001 YZ426 - 3rd gear problem - what´s wrong????

After a jump today my bike suddently starts to slip in 3rd gear. I felt right away, but what is wrong?

All the other gears works great, but if i put it in 3rd it pops in and out of gear. I´m thinking maybe have landed on the gearpedal and ended up bending a shift fork, is that it?

more than likely you have rounded out of broken a dog on the gear. A bent fork will normally show itself in other gears aswell. My Wr did a similar thing, but it was jumping out of fifth. The culpret was a bent fork and (which was probably caused by) a dog missing off 3rd gear (which engages fifth). Either way, it's time to split the cases for further investigation.

Welcome to the blown 3rd gear club!

"It's not too difficult of a job, just follow the manual!"

and for god's sake use a torque wrench, on every bolt, and retorque the 3 screws on the CB gear. stupid screws. :thumbsup:

My YZ did the same thing but in fifth. Check the shift fork and fifth gear. The shift fork should have sharp edges on it, not rounded at all. Apparently its a common problem with the YZ. I asked Yamaha Australia about it and they said they knew nothing of it, but when I recieved my new 3rd,5th, and shift fork the new gears were 'beefed up'.

Just did the case splitting and my problem was exactly the same!

3rd, 5th and a new shiftfork..

300 USD $$ and i´m back in business..

Yep, that's what mine looked like.

I better start using the clutch more often.


Is that why??

I must admit that i have done a lot of shifting without clutch... :thumbsup:

That's what I've been told.

Most of the time I'm just trying to hold on so I just back off the throttle for half a second and shift!


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