Complete '01 426 engine for sale! ( Thumpsalad )

Ran across an ad in our local trader magazine in the classified ads for a complete '01 YZ426 engine / trans with carb, CDI, etc, ready to run. I called the guy and he is an autocross racer / shop of some type here in Québec called Moto Thibault. Asking price is 1600.00 USF.

This motor came from Europe off a practice bike and was uesd about a dozen times. Phone is (819)353-1526, ask for Pascal. He does not speak a word of english so good luck! He will get a freind to help out so I may post a new Phone number later or he will post himself.( I can help out with the translation but that is as far as my responsibility will go . You can reach me in my PM here in TT.)

Just wanted to help out Thumpsalad or any others here in TT.

[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: Hugh LePage ]

[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: Hugh LePage ]

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Pascal will be advertising the motor himself as he just registered today on TT. By the way he owns a VOR Super Motard!

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