Some pics from Douglas and 59th in Oklahoma

I'm hurt and can't ride right now so I go to the track and take pics. I met m2g4b the other night. He's a really nice guy. Can't wait until I can come ride with ya man!! Here's a couple of pics of our very own m2g4b



This is my buddy Jason who lives in Tulsa, but comes down to race here in OKC all the time. I'm tryin to get him on a Thumper!!! :)


[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: Cobra314 ]

Hey there man,

I just want to say thanks for taking the pics, I like the first one, not sure on my form for the 2nd one, but thats why im a beginner, lol. It was sure nice to meet you too, cant wait till your riding again, looking forward to it, thanks again man....later

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