Try an EgoAhole Imitation !

Anyone care to try an imitation of the famous EgoAhole. Just, no Amad the Quad God stuff.

I am currently working on a short tribute the great flame.

From his vulnerable, sorry little self - all the way up to the great flamer we knew him as.

Showing his intellectual side, the funny side, the flat out obnoxious side, and the flamer side!

I think the tribute should be about how much he helped us here. He helped me allot off line by tuning my bike and helping me with riding techniques


You are taking this way too seriously. If Ego wasn't well liked he wouldn't get all this attention.

hmmm, Ego ... Attention ... theatrics ... me thinks he had a stroke of genius. His spiritual revelation is a spirited sense of humor.

[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: needsprayer ]

Ditto to Needsprayer. Hey, I wouldn't be askin for an imitation if we didn't like the original!

Ducman - Check with Ego - he get's it. All in good fun.

I could never do an imitation of Ego.. but once at a bar this guy had a friend who's hooker once dated a cowboy that new this kids mom that did a great Ego impression ...

Hey Cfisher,

That was pretty good! Anyone else want to give it a try? Can't think of a better way to tribute the man. BTW, this is Aintskeerd on my girfriends computer. Gotta run now and get over to the Yam website. It's 9:03pm

go click check this link out on the main 426 page for a preview.

There can be ONLY ONE

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