stupid question for you smart people

Just brought home my new '04 wr450f. Before I do any riding I figured I would check the oil level and make sure everything was hunky dory. So I start her up, let her idle a bit, then shut it off and check the oil level. Well, as soon as I start unscrewing the oil tank cap on the frame, oil starts spewing out. So I then let the bike cool for about 10-15 minutes, try it again, and oil still spews out. Whats the deal? Did the stealership put too much in or what? Am I checking it wrong?

Also, when you guys change the oil, do you remove every drain plug? :thumbsup:


I`m sure it says in the manual this can happen,let it cool for a while longer,yeah i drain all the plugs,and measure what comes out before i put more in! :thumbsup:

I've seen mine do that when it's over-full. They say when you're warming it up to check the oil level, not to rev the motor or check it immediately after some high speed/high rpm riding.

I put mine on the bike stand and let her idle for three minutes and then check it. I also drain all the plugs although I've yet to see much oil come out the small one by the shifter. :thumbsup:

It would appear that they overfilled it. Even if u remove the cap when the engine is running the oil doesnt spew out. When I change the oil I drain it at the sump then remove the hose that goes from the tank to the engine to remove the oil in the tank and the extra oil that will be held in the hose. In my opinion the oil capacity in the WR/YZ is a bit on the small side, so every drop of old oil that you can remove is a bonus.


Well I just drained the oil from the frame and the main tank bolt and got about a quart and a half out. Didn't do the filter or the small drain bolt. Guess I'll put a quart in and check the level again.

Fricken dealership hacks!

I over filled my bike and it did the same thing.I would say your dealer is such a nice a guy he gave you extre oil free.Drain it and refill it with the correct amount.I have also heard that if the frame hose filter bellow the frame tank gets blocked it can do the same thing.


Are there smart people here, really? :thumbsup:

If you're counting smart a*&es the place is full of them.

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