CBR transplants possible?

saw the pic on here with cbr f3 wheels...do the forks just bolt on? and how is the swingarm modded to fit the 17" wheel ?

i had to sell my f3 due to some issues...and am looking at getting an xr650r to doa little pseudo supermoto bike...just lowered with street tires and a pipe...any suggestions?


No idea, but someone must know, ive been looking into this for a bit too as im about to buy a CRF450 to be dirt only.

The rear might bolt on after fab'ing some spacers, but the front sure wont. It looks like the bike in the pic is possibly using the CBR forks. They sure aren't XR forks.

Couldn't you just swap the XR's and CBR's triple-tree's and forks? Therefore it would basically just bolt up... Just an idea :thumbsup:

EDIT: On second thought...it looks Photoshoped. Look closely...

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