POWER NOW and the Tornado.

We have a self answering (or destroying) question floating two spots on TT.

Will the POWER NOW insert make my bike faster??

Will the TORNADO make my car faster and run better?

OK, here's the paradox -

POWER-NOW insert claims to ADD power and responsiveness by ELIMINATING vortecies.

TORNADO insert claims to ADD power and responsiveness by CREATING vortecies.

Umm.....something in my mind doesn't understand. It took a high school diploma sitting on my headboard to tell me that this is not possible for both to work, doing the SAME THING, for opposite reasons. Funny how both cost about the same too. I'd say save your money, buy a new rear tire, and try to keep up with me, eh?

[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: DethWshBkr ]

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