Gold Valves in 03 YZ450 forks question

Has anyone installed Race Tech Gold valves on the Kayaba forks from a 03 YZ450? I just did it but I'm not sure about the base plate. The compression valve doesn't match Race Tech's diagram. There's like a check valve at the bottom of the base, then a couple of thicker washers, then the valve shims and the gold valve above that. I'm not sure if I leave the check valve or not. Any suggestions? I'm taking some pictures to send but Race Tech won't be open till Tuesday next.

According to Race Tech it looks like I leave it. They said everything below the thick washers leave. So..... Hope this is right.

The GOld valves are nice, but I usually spring for the extra cash of the Delta Valves so you dont have to mess with that.

PM TexasDirtNap . He just recently installed the gold valves on his 04. Should be similar.

i've got the gold valves, but i had a local guru guy install .... so I guess i'm no help ... but sometimes it's just fun to reply.

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