Opinions on HRC cams

I have an 89 XR600 and was wondering what your opinion is of the the HRC cam for the 628 kit. Do any mods have to be done (hard face rockers, shortened valve guides, etc..)? I have a JE 100.5mm 10.5:1 piston, edelbrock pumper carb niks proX rod, stainless valves, supertrapp exhaust and I am building the bike for racing hills at the dunes. How does this cam compare with the hot cams stage1 or one of Barnum's cams for my application or just in general. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

I built my 96 600r with the thumper racing 660 kit and the HRC cam. What a difference it made! If you stay with the factory parts you will be fine. that is why i went with the HRC cam. i did replace the rockers and sub rockers r/t some wear on them. stay away from the hot cams r/t a softer alloy and it will wear quicker and eat the rockers. The HRC cam comes with the auto decompression system already on it. you can get it through www.servicehonda.com for $240.00. the barnums cam is also good because they regrind the factory cam, so you still are dealing with equal alloys. I was very pleased with the HRC cam it made the bike really come alive especially on the top end. i really can't tell if it hurt anywhere else because when i did the mods to my bike i did them all at the same time. good luck if you have any more questions about these mods drop me a personal message. :thumbsup:

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