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WR450 OEM Carb Fuel Leak

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My 2005 WR450 is leaking fuel. At first I thought it was leaking from the end of the fuel line where it attaches to the carb, but it isn't the fuel line. I think it's the brass inlet valve where it attaches to the carb.

I've looked at the parts diagram and called around to a couple local shops, but the diagram doesn't show a part number and the shops I've called say that since it doesn't show a part number, it must be part of the carb and I need to just replace the carb.

There's a screw on the fitting though and my neighbor replaced the same part on his Honda. I can't believe that it's not an actual part.

Any ideas?

Here's a pic, and yes, it's dirty.

Here's a clip of the leak: 



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Yep just replaced them on my bike had the remains of 3 o-rings inside. Took a bit to find the right size as they are metric. Didn't feel like paying the online price of $7 each. Local shop ended up giving them to me for free. There should be a thread on here that has the dims of the o-rings thats where I found the size for mine.

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