03/04 exhaust cam mod

ive got a 99 yz400f and im gonna be replacing the exhaust cam with somethin better. i was thinkin of tryen the 450 cam. is the 04 cam the same as the 03. also what kinda off gains should i expect. will i also need to change the getting at all, i ve got the jd needle and stuff.

Shane, get the 03 part, it's cheaper than the 04 and exactly the same. I bought a cam and a stock Yamaha plug from a TT member for $105 US shipped, I would send you the stock rubber plug but I moved for the summer and left it behind. Dig around and you'll probably find a good deal on the cam. You shouldn't have to change the jetting at all, and good luck! :thumbsup:

PS- how is the fuel screw working for you?

oh right on. i work at local bike shop i get a pretty good deal. is the plug off the 450 of somethin. ive also heard of those plugs popping out, anything to do to keep it in there.

ya wheni put the fuel screw int it went in wrong somehow and it messed up the screw threads. my bike is running perfect anyway so i didn't need it. im gonna try a fix the threads a little bit, maybe get it to work.

The rubber plug is off the 450, but you'd be better off to get the Vibeguy plug from the store.

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