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19' GG 300xc headlight

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Hello everyone,

I've been eyeing the GG300 XC/EC/GP for some time now. At my local dealer there is a brand new 19' 300xc for a killer deal. This would be my first GG. Doesn't seem like I could go wrong getting one. I've done allot of research on the bike, read some thorogh reviews from other TT members and they seem very stout with a few quirks like with any other brand, bike is really speaking to me. I do have a few questions that I'm not finding anywhere, sorry if this have been brought up already, I'm not seeing it in the search or Google. 

1. Can you put the EC headlight on the XC? If so, is it a easy plug and play like the KTM xc? 

2. Since KTM got their greedy fingers in the GG pie have parts been harder to get/more expensive?


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1, yes for the mechanical part, but I have no clue if the wiring harness of the XC supports your idea

2, parts are harder to get than for a KTM but till today I always did get them. I bought a new 300 this week and I am also a bit concerned if KTM will maintain parts supplies for the "older" models. Older means, not heavily made up Husqvarnas....

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