BIGTONY's back on the road (seized bushing)

I finished the repairs today. It took 9 tons of pressure to press the seized bushing out of the clutch basket. I purchased sanding wheels for my dremel in two diferent grits, and a metal polishing kit also. I used the sanding wheels to remove the damage on the inside of the clutch basket. I then used the metal polishing wheels to completely polish the inside cicumfrence of the basket contact area. I drilled 2 additional holes in the new bushing, sanded it inside and out then polished it. The sanding and polishing gave me more clearence between the parts as a bonus. The new bushing was practacly binding when I put it in the basket such a tight fit, now the baskets shiny as a mirror and the bushing drops right in no friction. I put hondas moly lube on these parts when reassembling. I managed to break one of the threaded post off the center clutch by using the holder tool wrong. Luckely I was able to threaed a bolt from the rear into the post to hold it in place. I had to grind off the head of the bolt because otherwise it would make contact with the basket. 25 cent fix saved me $80 for a new clutch center(plus 4 days wait). I checked the screen and the screen nut, changed the filter slapped the cases on, filled with synthetic and Im back in business :lol::thumbsup: Its been along time coming but satisfying to know I did it myself after never owning a bike before. I just have to put the rear brake lever bake on then I'll take it on the highway.



Sounds like you have learned alot about your L. What type of metal and hardening was the bolt you used? Did you red loctite the threads?

Hope all goes well for you on your first ride.

I used the short bolt that holds the clutch cable bracket to the starter motor, dont know the strength, but at least it came from the bike itself. I had to buy a screw and washer to replace one of the pressure plate screws. Being that I had to thread one from the back the original bolt was too long. I got it from home depot it said high strength zinc plated. I didnt lock tite anything( i didnt see evedince of locktite on any bolts I removed )

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