crf vs. yz f'n 426

i went riding with a friend of mine who recently got a 02 crf450. after a ton of motor mods and exhaust, etc, he says nothing can touch his bike. well i traded with him for an hour or so (i was riding my other friends stock yzf, not my race bike). Talk about a ****ty bike! The crf handles worse, and even after EXTENSIVE mods, has noticably less power. It also feels weird. It doesnt have good airborne manners either. after a few laps around the racetrack, i was damn glad to have that yzf back, and my friend then realized how inferior his honda was. Well that was a week ago and he already sold his honda pile of crap and bought a nice o2 yzf426. It just reinforces the fact that there is no substitute for good ol' blue. YAMAHA FOR LIFE!!!

To each his own, but I must dispute the fact that the CRF is a is not.

Bike setup can make or break a machine, and quite possibly, the "mods" he did made it very unbalanced. Happens alot.

In the right hands, either CRF or YZF is a winner. 'nuff said! :)

ive rode a few crf450's and they are far from junk.Sure,my wr might be a little faster but the ergonomics of crf are much better than yamaha.i might talk a little trash over on the honda side once in a while but truth is crf is far from junk its a great bike.until you are riding a 2003 tm400 you dont have the right to call any japanese bike junk.

i wish i lived in mich.i would love to race vanilla gorilla .i would even use my kx125.i guarantee in a 6 lap moto i would lap him on 3rd and slap him on the 6th.

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damn you guys talk alot of **** . im just stating my opinions guys, jeez. Anyways, Im not saying the honda is total junk, they just ahve some work to do to catch up to yamaha. and his bike is set up very well, pro circuit did the suspension and engine. compared to other mx bikes, its a nice bike, but the yamaha is such a perfect machine, it is very difficult to beat. sorry if you guys r pissed, but its not my fault that honda's bike seems inferior to me. BTW, if you wanna race, come on up to michigan and just try to **** with this expert-A class rider!

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